Month: February 2016


Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race 17, March 3


Nice long swims. High tide and relatively calm seas. It’s taken a long time to come, but with just one swim remaining we’ve finally achieved swim nirvana.

Featured swimmer: Talya Harwood has been the dominant female swimmer this year. She consolidated her lead in the series tonight, finishing second overall, behind Thomas Heaton.

Here’s the results.

Results in finish order

Photos, by Jean Hodson

Here’s a story from the Nelson Mail and Stuff

Points to date (note that the best of ten column determines final standings for the season)

Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race 16, February 25


February – traditionally the month of calm conditions, where we stretch the swims out and enjoy the speed. Not so this year, as El Nino seems intent on plaguing us to the bitter end.

Tonight’s swim was rough and tough, but short enough that we could all enjoy punching into the waves (the offer only available for a limited time).

In the end, the short swim was about 400m, the long one only about 600m.

Here’s the results.

Results in finish order

Photos, by Jean Hodson

Feature photo, Hayden Squance, consistently near the top of the field and second this week.

Story from Nelson Mail and, click here

Points to date after 12 swims, click here (NB overall season placing will be calculated on the best 10 results over the season for each swimmer)

Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race 15, February 18


Due to dodgy weather conditions, there will be no swim tonight.

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Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race 14, February 11

With apologies for the amount of time it’s taken, here’s the results from Thursday’s swim.

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Points to date, click here

Some great results from the Christchurch round of the Ocean Swim Series, with gold medals for Kerry Mathieson (F45-49), Janis Crampton (F55-59), Margaret Johnston (F60-64) and Derek Eaton (70-74). Also bronze medals to Kuke Kelly (M15-19) and Kirstin Ramsay (F30-34).

Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race 13, February 4

High tide for this swim, 6.56pm, so the current will be incoming, south to north. Not a very big tide (3.2m), so shouldn’t be too great. The short course will be approximately 500m around the cluster of yachts off the boat shed. The long course will go further south to the black yacht then to another yacht close to the jetty back to the dolphin and then to finish at the yacht club ramp.

If you missed points, stories etc from last week, take a look back to last week’s page – they’re all there now. Sorry they were a bit late appearing.