Month: March 2017


Haulashore Circuit, March 26, 2017

Low cloud and rain, but perfectly flat seas made it a perfect day.

Hayden Squance and Luke Kelly did battle with each other and stingrays, setting up a final sprint, which Hayden took by three seconds, setting a new record of 35min 33sec. Luke also broke the old record of 35min 45sec, which he set two years ago. Terry Bone followed the two teenagers all the way to take third in 36min 15sec.

Jodie Lovell popped over from Marlborough to win the women’s race in 39min 25sec from Christina Harris (40.41) and Wendy Healey (43.48.

Here’s the times.

So you can see the times over the years, here’s a list of previous winners.

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Featured swimmers, Terry Bone, left, Hayden Squance, Simon Kneebone and Luke Kelly.

Sea swims March 9, 2017

It was an unexpectedly exciting swim, with the current ripping in. Over a short distance, it was a night for the sprinters.

Tonight’s results.

Results in finish order

Here’s some photos.

Featured swimmer: Dick Bennison has been the event organiser and leader of the sea swim team for the past four years. Dick is also the president of the Nelson Tri Club.

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Final season points.

In holding the prizegiving straight after the final competition swim, some certificates weren’t quite right. If you need a corrected certificate, please email Jon Linyard at and he’ll do a corrected version for you to pick up next Thursday. If you’re not sure exactly how you finished up, check the final season points table (above).

If you plan to swim in next week’s handicap race, please email Jon so he can sort a handicap for you.

Does anyone have a women’s wetsuit (S/M) for sale? Please email

Sea swims, March 2, 2017

Another lovely swim. Here’s the results

Results in finish order.

Here’s some photos

Featured swimmer, Jude Vincent. After a season of tight competition in F50-59, Jude clinched the category with a win tonight.

Points to date Remember that the figure that counts is the best of 12 swims – in the column on extreme right.

Next week’s swim will be a little shorter, with a barbecue and prizegiving to follow.

On March 16, there will be a handicap race.

If you plan to take part, please email Jon Linyard at so a handicap time can be set for you.