Month: January 2018


Sea swim, January 18, 2018

It wasn’t pretty, but the swim of about 1000m in murky water had a few surprises with some rough water and a bit of current out by the dolphin.

Here’s the results in age group order.

Results in finish order.

Photos, by Janice Coyle

Points to date

Following the cancellation of Sunday’s 3.8km Ironman swim we had high hopes we could run it later in the season. Unfortunately Surf Rescue are unavailable on the very few dates that were possible so the swim won’t now be held this season.

The Interislander Big Tahuna on March 31 – coming up quickly. Remember, there are four distances on offer, so something for everyone. You can enter at and get a 20% discount by using the code NELSONTRICLUB18

Clements Windows and Doors Endurance Series, Race three

The 3.8km Ironman Challenge is scheduled for Sunday January 14.

The Nelson City Council has advised that tests at Tahuna Beach on Thursday show a bacteria level of 324. The level at which there’s a health risk is 150. With continuous rain since then, the level is likely to be well above safe levels.

The Nelson Medical Officer of Health has advised that we should not proceed with the swim. We have no option but to take this advice. We’ll update this site with further information shortly.

Here’s the email from NCC:

Further to our discussions this morning I confirm advice from Medical Officer of Health (Public Health Service) that you are strongly recommended to cancel or postpone the Sea Swim tomorrow.  See below from Public Health Service.


  • red alert micro level at Tahuna Beach from Thursday’s sampling round;
  • very high micro levels within the Maitai river and surrounding marine waters (Monaco and Haven);
  • continuing heavy rainfall

The Public Health Service has strongly recommended to the Sea Swim organisers, via Nelson City Council, that tomorrow’s sea swim in the Tahuna Beach/harbour area be cancelled or postponed. While we can’t quantify that there will be continuing red alert micro levels, there is a very high likelihood due to the rain, river outflows and stormwater that the marine environment will have an elevated health risk.

In addition, a general public health advisory is recommended to be issued by NCC.

Stephen Lawrence
Environmental Health Officer
Nelson City Council / Te Kaunihera o Whakatū
03 546 0351 or 027 229 3394

Sea swim, January 11

That was one big hairy swim. The long course was 1500m but seemed much longer with some choppy seas to bash into.

Luke Kelly (featured image) emerged a second ahead of Hayden Squance, followed by a group containing Matai McGuinniety, Bendi Kepess and Sierra Thomas, the first woman.

Aliesha and Mathew Peacock continued to dominate the short swim.

Someone left a heavy duty watch in the men’s change rooms. If it’s yours, drop us an email at and we’ll reunite you with it.

Results in finish order

Results in age group order

Photos, by Janice Coyle

Points to date

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If you like swimming in the sea in a more relaxed fashion, join other swimmers most days – see what others are doing at

Don’t forget the next big swim:

8.30am, Sunday January 14, Clements Endurance Swims, 3.8km Ironman Challenge.

As part of our support for the Interislander Big Tahuna, we are helping out with signs advertising the event. If you live on any busy street or road in the region and have a nice front fence or lawn, would you like to volunteer a space for a few weeks leading up to the March 31 event? Email us at if you can help.

There are four different distances on offer at the Big Tahuna. To enter and obtain a 20% discount, go to and use the discount code NLESONSWIMSERIES18

Sea Swim, January 4, 2018

The low tide made it difficult to get in and out, but conditions were perfect, the sea calm, no discernable current and the rain held off until we were finished.

Keep looking here over the next 24 hours for points table and news story.

Results in age group order.

Results in finish order.

Here’s the photos, by Jean Hodson and Peter Gibbs

Featured photo: tonight’s winner Hayden Squance.

Points to date

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