Month: March 2018


The Interislander Big Tahuna

Fantastic results – five swimmers in the first ten, including overall winner Luke Kelly.

Sierra Thomas took out the second woman’s spot and we won a heap of medals

Nelson results – please email if anyone is missing

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Haulashore Circuit Results

Here are the results from Clements Endurance Series, Haulashore Circuit, 2.8km.

Haulashore Overall Results

Haulashore Category Results

Haulashore Circuit

This annual race starts at 11am from the yacht club. There will also be yacht racing in progress, so be aware of other activity on the yacht club deck.

If you’ve already done any of our swims this year,you may have already entered this race – if not we’ll have your details, so just arrive and pay the $15 entry ($7.50 for school students). You number will be the same as it’s been all season.

If you haven’t yet done any of our swims this season, you can enter online, or just roll up before 10.30 and enter then.

Port Nelson Sea Swims, prizegiving night

A fun night with a surprisingly tough relay.

All the volunteers and winners of various categories were recognised.

Photos, by Janice Coyle

Don’t forget the Haulashore Circuit at 11am on Sunday and The Interislander Big Tahuna on Saturday March 31.

The discount code for The Interislander Big Tahuna is NELSONSWIMSERIES2018

The price goes up on Friday night, so get the 20% discount on the lower price by putting in your entry on Friday. Enter online at

Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui

Davey Boles bolted away to win the Sand to Surf ocean swim over 2.6km at Mt Maunganui this morning.

Boles recorded 29min 34 sec to win from Nelson’s own Luke Kelly in 30min 34sec. Luke was first in his M20-24 age group.

Other Nelson results:

(Overall position, race no, name, time, gender, gender placing, age group, age group placing)

2 0249 LUKE KELLY 00:30:39 2 M 2 M20-24 1
18 0273 TERRY BONE 00:33:00 18 M 16 M45-49 1
40 0296 ANDREW MARTIN 00:34:39 40 M 28 M55-59 1
9 0580 HAMISH NEILL 00:35:05 49 M 36 M55-59 3


73 0533 BEN VAN DYKE 00:36:55 73 M 51 M65-69 1
107 0074 BARRY THOMAS 00:39:07 107 M 70 M55-59 5
139 0059 JANIS CRAMPTON 00:40:23 139 F 49 F55-59 3  view
141 0477 KIRSTIN RAMSAY 00:40:35 141 F 50 F35-39 3
154 0121 DICK BENNISON 00:41:04 154 M 97 M60-64 3  view
155 0514 REBECCA HOLLINGSWORTH 00:41:09 155 F 58 F25-29 9
159 0429 PETER COLBERT 00:41:14 159 M 101 M65-69 3
170 0092 DEREK EATON 00:41:38 170 M 111 M75-79 1
402 0570 SUE PETRIE 00:49:15 402 F 149 F50-54 11
58 0098 RICHARD JOHNSON 00:51:13 458 M 283 M65-69 13

Port Nelson swim, March 8

Very nice swim to finish the season – just over 1500m for the long swim, calm conditions, not much current on the return leg from the black boat.

Here’s the results.

Results in finish order

Photos, by Janice Coyle

Here’s the final points.

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