About Endurance Swims

Clements Windows and Doors Endurance Series

The Clements Windows and Doors Endurance Series of four longer swims will provide an extra challenge, particularly for those swimmers targeting the State Ocean Swim series, held nationally (for details of the State Series, click here)

Entries now open for the series or for individual races:

Race 1 – 7.30am, Sunday December 11, 2016, Clements Opening Splash, 2km
Opening Splash is a reversal of the Eyebright Mile. Start at Tahunanui Beach and finish at the yacht club ramp. Short option, start at Richardson St Steps, swim to yacht club, 600m (must sign on at Tahunanui Beach by 7am). High tide 8am.

Race 2 – 9.30am Tuesday December 27, 2016, Clements Eyebright mile, 2km
The traditional race from the Nelson Yacht Club ramp to Tahunanui. Short option (1300m) from Richardson St steps starting at 10.00am. All must register first at the yacht club. High tide 9.36am.

Race 3 – 11.15am, Sunday February 12, 2017, Clements Ironman Challenge, 3.8km 
Swimmers head north from Tahunanui Beach, starting at 11.15am and will reach the dolphin navigation marker at about high tide (11.47am), turning south to follow the toe of Haulashore Island around to the second navigation marker to the south of the island, then back to the beach. Competitors in the short swim of 1300m will walk to the Richardson St steps, swimming straight back to Tahunanui Beach, starting exactly 30 minutes after the 3.8km race.

Race 4 – 9am, Sunday March 26, 2017, Clements Haulashore Circuit
Haulashore Circuit, race starts at 9am. (High tide, 9.33am) Registration at the yacht club 8am-8.30am.
Here’s the course:  From the yacht club, head straight to the dolphin, turn right and go out through the cut, then left and around the south end of the island. back up to the dolphin, then in to the ramp – just a touch over 2.8km. There will be a short option, to the dolphin and return, a distance of 800m.