Auckland Harbour Crossing

It seemed like a lovely day for a swim. A bit overcast, but very warm water and it seemed calm.

A large number of swimmers were there – turned out to be 999 competitors heading from Bayswater on Auckland’s North Shore across to the Viaduct Basin.

The opening few hundred metres were uneventful, but conditions turned out to be a bit choppier than expected as we headed out into open water.

There were 16 swimmers that we knew of with Nelson connections, so the medal haul of six was a pretty good strike rate – three gold, two silver and a bronze.

Featured photo – the author was happy without a medal – sort of.

Here’s the results. If you were there and we didn’t know it, please email and we’ll include you:

39th, Terry Bone, 42.56, 2/92 M45-49

56th, Andrew Martin, 45.13, 2/74 M55-59

186th, Barry Thomas, 52.47, 7/74 M55-59

245th, Janis Crampton, 55.17, 1/27 F55-59

251st, Stu Hebberd, 55.32, 3/23 M65-69

264th, Derek Eaton, 56.04, 1/3 M75-79

321st, Maggy Johnston, 58.18, 1/21 F60-64

432nd, Peter Gibbs, 1.01.49, 8/23 M65-69

526th, Brian McGurk, 1.05.14, 38/74 M55-59

621st, Su Scott, 1.09.56, 13/40 F45-49

625th, Stu Hague, 1.10.05, 1.10.05, 50/74 M55-59

667th, Sue Petrie, 1.11.25, 16/40 F45-49

742nd, Les Le Bas, 1.14.51, 8/11 M70-74

751st, David Marriott, 1.15.11, 61/74 M55-59

825th, Sandra McGregor, 1.20.05, 28/33 F40-44

828th, Graeme Sellars, 1.20.10, 21/23 M60-64


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