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Results from sea swims


Haulashore Circuit, March 26, 2017

Low cloud and rain, but perfectly flat seas made it a perfect day.

Hayden Squance and Luke Kelly did battle with each other and stingrays, setting up a final sprint, which Hayden took by three seconds, setting a new record of 35min 33sec. Luke also broke the old record of 35min 45sec, which he set two years ago. Terry Bone followed the two teenagers all the way to take third in 36min 15sec.

Jodie Lovell popped over from Marlborough to win the women’s race in 39min 25sec from Christina Harris (40.41) and Wendy Healey (43.48.

Here’s the times.

So you can see the times over the years, here’s a list of previous winners.

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Featured swimmers, Terry Bone, left, Hayden Squance, Simon Kneebone and Luke Kelly.

Sea swims March 9, 2017

It was an unexpectedly exciting swim, with the current ripping in. Over a short distance, it was a night for the sprinters.

Tonight’s results.

Results in finish order

Here’s some photos.

Featured swimmer: Dick Bennison has been the event organiser and leader of the sea swim team for the past four years. Dick is also the president of the Nelson Tri Club.

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Final season points.

In holding the prizegiving straight after the final competition swim, some certificates weren’t quite right. If you need a corrected certificate, please email Jon Linyard at and he’ll do a corrected version for you to pick up next Thursday. If you’re not sure exactly how you finished up, check the final season points table (above).

If you plan to swim in next week’s handicap race, please email Jon so he can sort a handicap for you.

Does anyone have a women’s wetsuit (S/M) for sale? Please email

Sea swims, March 2, 2017

Another lovely swim. Here’s the results

Results in finish order.

Here’s some photos

Featured swimmer, Jude Vincent. After a season of tight competition in F50-59, Jude clinched the category with a win tonight.

Points to date Remember that the figure that counts is the best of 12 swims – in the column on extreme right.

Next week’s swim will be a little shorter, with a barbecue and prizegiving to follow.

On March 16, there will be a handicap race.

If you plan to take part, please email Jon Linyard at so a handicap time can be set for you.

Sea swims, February 23, 2017

Another wonderful swim in perfect conditions, possibly about 1700m for the long course.

Here’s the results.

Results in finish order.

Points to date. Note that season points are taken on each swimmer’s best 12 results. Categories are now sorted on this basis, so the column on the right reflects this adjusted total. There are two swims remaining for points to be earned, with the prizegiving now scheduled to follow the final points swim on March 9. Please check the points for errors.

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Featured swimmers: Christina Harris won gold in F50-54 and Janis Crampton won silver in F55-59 when a bunch of five Nelson swimmers went to Rotorua last weekend for the Ocean Swim Series event in the Blue Lake.

Here’s the full Rotorua results: Christina Harris 51.18 1st F50-54, Barry Thomas 53.37 6th M55-59, Janis Crampton 54.18 2nd F55-59, Roger Matheson 56.07 8th M55-59, David Marriott 1.13.53 38th M55-59.

Also last weekend, a whole bunch of people raced in Challenge Wanaka Half. With apologies for any missing, here’s the results from people with Nelson associations. Alan Bryson 4.42.28 3rd M40-44 8th overall, Rob Searle 4.57.30 2nd M50-54 27th overall, Mike Crowe 5.02 9th M40-44 35th overall, Eileen Searle 5.23.08 1st F55-59 80th overall (6th female), Kim Waddell 5.38.43 3rd F30-34 107 overall, Emily Lush 5.41.56 6th F25-29 117 overall, John Hellemans 5.57.20 3rd M60-64 161 overall, Martin Kane 7.43.21 40th M50-54 363 overall, Sandra McGregor 7.52.37 20th F40-44 367 overall, Rob Cant 8.44.56 41st M50-54 384 overall. Also Kay Stansbury-Ward completed the 3.8km swim as part of a team in 1.28.17. Email if you have other results –

Samoa Sea Swims. A selection of tour packages catering two swim series going back to back in August.

Andrea Livingston of Wildside Travel will be at the yacht club from 5pm next week (Thursday March 2) to background the swims, logistics and travel options.

She’ll also have info for anyone interested in Tri-training in Niue later in the year, plus a free entry to Kaiteri Gold (March 11) for one lucky person.


Sea swims, February 16, 2017

Absolutely, fantastically perfect conditions. Hayden Squance a clear winner from Harrison Dean. Ruby-Lou Stuart the first woman, from Kerry Mathieson.

Results click here.

Results in finish order.

Here’s some photos, thanks to Digby Kynaston.

Featured swimmer. Steve Clements, sponsor of the Clements Windows and Doors Endurance Series, had a good race in the perfect conditions.

Points to date.  Note that each person’s total point score is in the column third from right, but the points from the best 12 swims is what counts, and that’s the column on extreme right. The column second from right tells you how many swims you’ve done.

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Ironman Challenge, February 12, 2017

Great swim, perfect conditions. Here’s the results.

Results in finish order.

Featured swimmer: Matai McGuinniety was this year’s winner, from Terry Bone and Matt Hansen. Kerry Mathieson was the top woman, followed by Christina Harris and Jude Vincent.

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Here’s the details of former winners and record holders.

Sea swims, February 9, 2017

A beautiful swim with a solid slog 600m south against the tide, followed by a jet propelled return to the dolphin and the finish for a total of about 1500m.

Featured photo: Matai McGuinniety congratulates Fraser Neill, centre,  and Harrison Dean, who finished first and second ahead of Matai in the race to the finish.

Here’s the results.

Results in finish order.

Google+ seems to be having a temper tantrum, so here’s a shot at using flickr for the first time. Thanks to Trudi for stepping in at the last minute to wield the camera. Click here

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Points to date – note that there are only four more competition swims, with the final on March 9. The prizegiving night has been brought forward to this date, so on March 9 we will race before the end of season barbecue and prizegiving. Season places are calculated on your best 12 swims, so check out the points table, which shows how many swims you’ve done and how you stand in the points table.

Don’t forget Sunday’s Ironman swim over a distance of 3.8km, starting and finishing at Tahunanui Beach. High tide Sunday is 11.47am, so race starts at 11.15am in order to round the south end of the island at maximum tide. Sign in on the beach from 10.30am. This is the tenth year the race has been held. In 2013 Lisa Birkett recorded the fastest women’s time of 47.47, while Luke Kelly set the fastest male time in 2014 of 45.23. The records for the short swim of 1300m from the steps to the beach were both set in 2015, when Hayden Squance clocked 17.06 and Christina Harris 19.55,  Here’s the winning times over the years.


Sea Swims, February 2, 2017

Cold but calm – the smoothest race of the season.


Results in finish order

Featured swimmers: In one of the closest finishes of the night, Derek Eaton, 75, Dick Bennison, 63, and Stuart Hebberd, 68 finished in a virtual dead heat in 34th, 36th and 35th. You’re never too old for some fierce competition.

Points to date – now that we’ve had 12 swims with five to go, the final season points will start to become more apparent. The final column in the table shows your total from your best 12 results, so for some people this won’t change much from now on. Remember to email if you spot any errors.

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Capital Classic swim in Wellington last weekend. Fifteen of our swimmers took part in this race, which was moved from Wellington Harbour to Lyall Bay because of strong northerlies. We scored four gold medals, one silver and two bronze. As well, Luke Kelly placed 8th overall of nearly 600 people and Peter Gibbs was the lucky winner of a fancy Huub wetsuit. Here’s a story

Photos, by Peter Gibbs and Des Irving.


Sea swims, January 26, 2017

A challenging swim of about 1200m. With this year’s leader Hayden Squance off at national triathlon events, it was left to three former series winners, Fraser Neill, Harrison Dean and Luke Kelly to battle it out for honours.

Here’s the results

Results in finish order

Here’s the season points to date

Featured swimmer Eileen Searle: Eileen is one of New Zealand’s top age group triathletes and has competed in the world championship of Ironman in Kona. She’s a regular competitor with her husband Rob, a decent triathlete and cyclist himself and an expert triathlon coach.

Photos from this week – thanks to annoying changes in Google+ they’re not in finish order. Will try to sort that for next week.

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Sea swims, January 19, 2017

Vigorous and punchy – a short sharp swim to celebrate the bad weather.

Here’s some photos by Carolyn Squance

Featured swimmers, Matt Hansen (top) and Jody Keefe-Laing have always been among our top swimmers in recent years. Both have been slow starters this summer, but now they’re back they’re both showing they’re forces to be reckoned with. Tonight Jody was fourth behind Hayden Squance, Luke Kelly and Terry Bone, while Matt was fifth.

Tonight’s results

Results in finish order

Points to date

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