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Sea swim, Thursday December 14, 2017

After a few computer problems overnight, normal service is resumed.

Here’s the results in age group order

Here’s the results in finish order

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Here’s some photos, by Janice Coyle.

Points after six weeks

Sea Swim, December 7, 2018

A challenging swim of about 1300m. Luke Kelly put his stamp on the series with a definitive win over Hayden Squance, while Sophie Alexander edged out Leah Friend and Piper Riley in the women’s race.

Yegor Jones continued to dominate in the short race ahead of Mark Smale, Mia Langley and Brooke Swan.

Featured photo: Yegor Jones edges out Mark Smale in yet another epic battle in the short race.

Here’s the results in age group order. Version two

Results in finish order

Points to date

Here’s some photos

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The Opening Splash – Race One of the Clements Endurance Series

Another wonderful swim with 110 taking part – 102 doing the long swim and eight doing the short swim.

Luke Kelly raced to victory in the closing stages to win ahead of Hayden Squance. Sierra Thomas and Sophie Alexander reasserted their dominance from the Port Nelson series to take the first two places in the women’s section.

Speaking of the Port Nelson series, you can see stories on your mobile device at The Nelson App – download free. The stories are also published on – for last Thursday’s swim story, click here

Here’s the results – not yet checked, so please email if you spot any errors –

Results in age group order

Here’s a few photos

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Sea swims, November 30, 2017

The tide was pretty fierce at 6pm, but it slackened a little, allowing for a beautiful swim in warm seas with perfect conditions.

Luke Kelly won a ding dong battle over Xavier Anderson and Hayden Squance to record his third win from four races. Apart from that, we’ll have to wait for the results (coming soon) to see how things went.

Here’s some photos, by Janice Coyle.

Featured photo: Hamish Neill is dominating M50-59, with his fourth consecutive age group win tonight.

Hold it – here’s some preliminary results. Hasn’t been time to check them, so email if you spot errors.

Results in finish order

Results in age group order

Points to date

Don’t forget Sunday’s CLements Endurance Swim – The Opening Splash. Sign on between 9am and 9.30am at Tahunanui Beach for the 2km swim to the yacht club or the 600m swim from Richardson St Steps to the yacht club. Race briefing for all on the beach at 9.30am, race start 9.45am. Short swim start at 10 15am – right on high tide. There will be a small prizegiving after the race, with two $50 packs from the Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series and some sunscreen from Banana Boat as well as other prizes.

We’re seeking venues for signs advertising The Interislander Big Tahuna – race six of the Banana Bat Ocean Swim Series. It’s in our interests to get a big turnout and keep the swim here, so we’ve agreed to find up to ten sites around the region. So far we’ve had several offers along Rocks Rd and one at Wakefield, as well as the fixed sign venues on Bishopdale and at Miyazu Park. We could do with venues on main roads in and out of town – places like Salisbury Rd, Gladstone Rd, Waimea Rd, Tahunanui Drive, Main Rd Stoke, Atawhai Drive, or smaller streets like Brook St, Washington Rd, Grove St, Vanguard St etc. If you can help with a front lawn or garden, or a fence a sign can be attached to, please let us know at

Sea Swims, November 23, 2017

Climate change may be lulling us into a false sense of security. We’ve had a fantastic start to the season with perfect nights so far. Tonight was one of the best. Not only was the sun out and the sea calm, but our fantastic crew was ticking over in a seamless and perfect manner. Registration, timing, kayak and boat support, shore crew – everything was just right. We owe a vote of thanks to all those volunteers who turn out each week and seem to enjoy it – making things relatively stress free for all the competitors – all they need to do is swim.

Here’s the results

Results in finish order

(This is version two of results – it should clear up any errors, but please email with concerns. Ditto with points – the earlier you check and let us know, the better chance we have of making corrections)

Points to date

Here’s some photos, by Janice Coyle

Featured photo: Ralph Hetzel has been involved in the sea swims since the year dot. He still looks happy to be here. If you win a treasured fish at the end of the season, Ralph made it.

I got 1km on my watch for the long swim. Anyone have their gps going for the short swim? Email if you have a distance.

Here’s a little video of the course

Apologies for the late completion of last week’s news page. That page is now complete.

Do you fancy some extra swimming? Head to Kaiteriteri after work on Monday. Here’s a report from the opening swim of this group – all welcome.

Don’t forget your entry to the Interislander Big Tahuna swim on March 31. It’s part of the national Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series and has distances to suit all abilities. The target is 800 swimmers taking part from all over the country. You can get a 20% discount on your entry by using the code NLESONSWIMSERIES2018

You can read all about it and put in your entry at

Auckland Harbour Crossing

It seemed like a lovely day for a swim. A bit overcast, but very warm water and it seemed calm.

A large number of swimmers were there – turned out to be 999 competitors heading from Bayswater on Auckland’s North Shore across to the Viaduct Basin.

The opening few hundred metres were uneventful, but conditions turned out to be a bit choppier than expected as we headed out into open water.

There were 16 swimmers that we knew of with Nelson connections, so the medal haul of six was a pretty good strike rate – three gold, two silver and a bronze.

Featured photo – the author was happy without a medal – sort of.

Here’s the results. If you were there and we didn’t know it, please email and we’ll include you:

39th, Terry Bone, 42.56, 2/92 M45-49

56th, Andrew Martin, 45.13, 2/74 M55-59

186th, Barry Thomas, 52.47, 7/74 M55-59

245th, Janis Crampton, 55.17, 1/27 F55-59

251st, Stu Hebberd, 55.32, 3/23 M65-69

264th, Derek Eaton, 56.04, 1/3 M75-79

321st, Maggy Johnston, 58.18, 1/21 F60-64

432nd, Peter Gibbs, 1.01.49, 8/23 M65-69

526th, Brian McGurk, 1.05.14, 38/74 M55-59

621st, Su Scott, 1.09.56, 13/40 F45-49

625th, Stu Hague, 1.10.05, 1.10.05, 50/74 M55-59

667th, Sue Petrie, 1.11.25, 16/40 F45-49

742nd, Les Le Bas, 1.14.51, 8/11 M70-74

751st, David Marriott, 1.15.11, 61/74 M55-59

825th, Sandra McGregor, 1.20.05, 28/33 F40-44

828th, Graeme Sellars, 1.20.10, 21/23 M60-64


Sea swims November 16, 2018

The season is shaping up into a battle between Luke Kelly and Hayden Squance, both previous winners of the Port Nelson Series.

Last week it was Luke by three seconds. This week it was Hayden’s turn, as he sprinted to a one second win over Luke on a course of about a kilometre on an incoming tide.

In the women’s section, Sophie Alexander had her first victory, with a clear gap back to fellow under-16 swimmers Ruby-Lou Stuart and Leah Friend.

Yegor Jones won the short swim from Mia Langley, Katie Jonas and Charlie Perkins.

150 swimmers took part.

Featured photo, Hayden Squance steps ashore just ahead of Luke Kelly. Photo: Janice Coyle.

Tonight’s results, click here

Results in finish order, click here

Here’s a story

There’s a couple of errors to fix and this will be done over the weekend, but let us know if you spot any more and email

Evan Barnes of Shuttersport was there too. Here’s Evan’s photos

Points to date

Sea Swims, November 9, 2017

Things couldn’t have been better for the opening night swim. Sunny skies, calm seas and a turnout of 167 swimmers. While not quite matching the opening nights of 2013 (175 swimmers) and 2012 (171 swimmers) it was a cheerful start to the season, with swims of 400m and 800m

A bit of tweaking coming up, but here’s the initial results

Finish order

Age group order

Here’s some photos, by Janice Coyle

Points for the season are accumulated each night, with each swimmer’s best 12 of the 18 swims counting towards season points. Here’s the points so far.

The winner of the random draw for a free entry to the Interislander Big Tahuna Ocean Swim on March 31 is Glenn Roberts.

To obtain a 20% discount on the Interislander Big Tahuna, enter here using the code NLESONSWIMSERIES2018 (Note that earlier I wrongly published the code as NELSONSWIMSERIES2018 – the real code has a deliberate juxtaposition of the letters)

We no longer have access to the Stuff website and the Nelson Mail, as Australian owners Fairfax have decided local sports news is not important enough. However, our stories will be published on the mobile app The Nelson App and also in Tuesday nights Waimea Weekly and Nelson Weekly when space allows. Here’s the story for the next issue.

The Interislander Big Tahuna

Here’s a bonus for all our swimmers.

The Interislander Big Tahuna – 31 March 2018. Event 6 of the Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series. All info at . 20% codes to be used before 17 Feb 2018 to receive 20% off the Super Early Bird rates.


NELSONSWIMSERIES18 – for Nelson Swim Series participants and affiliates.

Haulashore Circuit, March 26, 2017

Low cloud and rain, but perfectly flat seas made it a perfect day.

Hayden Squance and Luke Kelly did battle with each other and stingrays, setting up a final sprint, which Hayden took by three seconds, setting a new record of 35min 33sec. Luke also broke the old record of 35min 45sec, which he set two years ago. Terry Bone followed the two teenagers all the way to take third in 36min 15sec.

Jodie Lovell popped over from Marlborough to win the women’s race in 39min 25sec from Christina Harris (40.41) and Wendy Healey (43.48.

Here’s the times.

So you can see the times over the years, here’s a list of previous winners.

Nelson Mail story on

Featured swimmers, Terry Bone, left, Hayden Squance, Simon Kneebone and Luke Kelly.