Eyebright Mile, December 27, 2016

Things took an unexpected turn for the rough – although given the summer we’ve had so far wind is hardly a surprise. Times were down on previous years as swimmers battled through the roughest seas.

Hayden Squance led in Luke Kelly by 13 seconds, but given the conditions, the race record was never under threat. The women’s race was even closer, with Flossie Van Dyke winning the sprint up the beach to finish three seconds ahead of Bree Anderson.

Here’s the results

Results in finish order

Here’s some photos

Featured image: Gillian Watson and Di Trengrove are our regular timekeepers, with Di pressing the stopwatch button and Gillian processing the results. Before every race the pair are busy checking people in and getting numbers sorted.

Things are falling into place today – our Nelson Mail story went online at Stuff at 3pm. Here it is

Going back in time, records are patchy, but the best male and female times we’ve been able to find areĀ listed here. As you’ll see, there are a lot of gaps, so if you happen to be an assiduous archivist and have other results, please let us know and we’ll add to the records.


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