Port Nelson Sea Swim 13, February 5, 2015

Punchy little swim tonight with 159 competitors. Colder and choppier than in recent weeks, but because it was a bit shorter it was possible to go a bit harder, which suited the conditions.

Emily Trengrove took a record number of photos – an intense record of the night. Here they are

Here’s the results

The Samoa Sea Swim draw has thrown up Georgie Trengrove – a good night for the family, as mother Diane was doing the timekeeping. You should think about going to Samoa for the three-race swim series in August, even if you haven’t been lucky enough to be in the draw. Andrea Livingstone of Wildside Travel will give you the very best deal on travel and accommodation and it’s Andrea who is responsible for our fantastic series prize. Georgie will be one of 18 weekly winners to be drawn on prizegiving night in March.

Points to date

Lost property – a woman’s red swimsuit, size 34. Also an orange swim cap. Email info@nelsontriclub.co.nz to claim.

Featured swimmers. Ralph Hetzel, left, and Tom Dunn are both in their 70s. Ralph has been in the swims from the start – close to 30 years. A former potter, Ralph is responsible for the ceramic seagulls you see perched all over town and also for the highly treasured pottery fish, which are awarded to winners of the various age groups at the end of the season. The fish are so treasured that there was nearly a mutiny when non-wetsuit swimmers were awarded medals instead of fish last year. It’s a great relief to know that pottery fish will be awarded in that category this year. Incidentally, both Tom and Ralph are in the running to win one of the treasured fish this year in 70+

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