Port Nelson Swim Eleven, January 22, 2015

Beautiful night, warm water, slight chop that took people by surprise coming back, 172 swimmers. Pity about the low tide.

Results here

Here’s some pics

Featured swimmer, Buzz Burrell. Few people make as much effort to get to the swims as Dr Buzz. Since Buzz makes such an effort to get here every week and is unfailingly cheerful and full of life, here’s a plug:

Doctor Buzz Burrell and his wife Lauren are very excited to have opened a Medical Centre in the heart of Renwick that will cater to the people in Renwick and the surrounding rural communities, particularly people who were immobile and vulnerable. Dr Burrell hopes he and his staff are able to make house calls for people who are stuck at home alone. Only ten minutes from Blenheim, people will be able to see the doctors at Renwick if they wish.

If you have any medical problems while you’re swimming, just wait for Buzz to catch up and he’ll fix you on the spot.

The winner of the Samoa Swim Series draw tonight is Debbie Bamfield. Debbie has done eight swims, so to qualify for the final draw she will need to be at least four of the remaining seven swims.

Finally, the points to date. There have been some changes to the two youngest women’s groups in the long swim because of people being in the wrong age groups (not their fault).

Here’s the updated points

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