Port Nelson Swim Four, November 27

Nice night, competitive swim

Here’s some pics, taken by Anna Perkins, click here

Tonight’s results, click here

Points to date, click here

Please check results and points and email info@nelsontriclub.co.nz as soon as possible if you spot any errors

Tonight’s featured swimmer – Nigel Muir. Nigel is the boss at Sport Tasman and a pretty good athlete in his own right – always ready to take a shot at anything, Nigel has been involved in all sorts of sports and was in the NZ team at the Aquathlon World Champs a couple of season ago.

Winner of the draw for the Samoa Swim prize for this week is Craig Leth. Provided he completes 12 swims over the season, Craig will be one of the 18 in the draw for the grand prize at the final night in March.

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