Port Nelson Swim Ten, January 15, 2015

Great swim, 192 swimmers Рthe most ever in 28 years of swimming.

The timing crew was put to the test as the regular stopwatch somehow got mislaid after last Sunday’s triathlon. Nevertheless, they muscled through using a smartphone and have come up with a set of results. Please contact us – info@nelsontriclub.co.nz if you spot errors.

Here’s the updated results

Featured swimmer: immodestly featuring Peter Gibbs, tri club secretary.

I keep the websites up to date, upload and publish photos, sort the points table, write the Nelson Mail story, organise triathlons and generally act as Jiminy Cricket to Dick, the club president. Once upon a time I was a triathlete and organised the swims for six years until two years ago. I can generally be found lurking around the swim events, looking for something to go wrong.

Tonight’s photos: The camera became defunct during the week, so Emma Rogerson took up the new one and did a fine job.

Here’s the photos

Andrea Livingstone from Wildside Travel talked to several people about their plans to go to the three-race Samoa Swim Series in August. Last year, six Nelson swimmers took part, with Christina Harris winning the women’s series and Jody Keefe-Laing second in the men’s. Andrea is responsible for putting together our big prize for the season, which is a trip for two Nelson-Samoa-Nelson, with series entries and accommodation included.

This week’s winner of the chance to be in the draw on March 19 is Mark Corlet.

Points, here they are

Next week: Tide is dead low at 7pm, which means it’ll be outgoing when we start

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