Sea swims, December 15, 2016

It was certainly a rough one, but short and sweet to give everyone time to have a small party at the barbecue.

Hayden Squance and Tony Dodds clashed for the third time, with Tony getting the edge to make it two from three in a battle which is now ended as Tony heads off for a run training block in Wellington as part of the build up for the Abu Dhabi race which opens the world triathlon series in March.

Here’s some photos of tonight’s race

Featured swimmer: Donna Smithies is a veteran of sea swimming and was one of our top women swimmers of recent years. Nowadays, Donna prefers to take it easy, driving in from Dovedale each week to swim in the non-wetsuit section of the swims.

Here’s the results (if you don’t see your result, please let us know immediately –

Results in finish order

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