State Ocean swim, Capital Classic, Jan 25, 2015

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day in Wellington, with high tide, not a breath of wind or a cloud in the sky, but millions of (harmless) jellyfish.

Luke Kelly (pictured) started alongside the 15-strong elite field, paced himself with them to the 2km turn at the Pt Jerningham lighthouse, then moved away with the leaders to place 8th overall, becoming the top age group swimmer in the 661-strong age group field.

As well as Luke’s gold in M15-19, Nelson swimmers won six more medals:

Derek Eaton, gold in M70-74

Terry Bone, silver in M40-44

Denis Cooper, silver in M55-59

Janis Crampton, bronze in F55-59

Margaret Johnston, bronze in M60-64

Stu Hebberd, bronze in M65-69

There were also a number of fourth placings: Pip Dwyer (F15-19), Christina Harris (F50-54) and Dick Bennison (M60-64), Perhaps the most unlucky was Christina, who was four seconds outside a medal and who also finished with precisely the same time as Dick.

Here’s some pics

We had a multitude of photographers: Bryony Marriott, Keller Marriott and Pauline Shoemack. Also a couple of professional shots of our gold medallists by Mark Tantrum.

Full Nelson results,

Luke Kelly 40.42 1 (1st M15-19),

Terry Bone 43.46 11 (2nd M40-44),

Denis Cooper 47.29 43 (2nd M55-59),

Pip Dwyer 47.35 44 (4th F15-19),

Dick Bennison 52.04 90 (4th M60-64),

Christina Harris 52.02 91 (4th F50-54),

Barry Thomas 52.32 112 (5th M55-59),

Janis Crampton 53.52 149 (3rd F55-59),

Derek Eaton 55.11 168 (1st M70-74),

Stuart Hebberd 55.17 171 (3rd M65-69),

Daniel Dwyer 55.49 177 (13th M15-19),

Paul Fisher 55.55 179 (17th M45-49),

Peter Gibbs 1.00.33 276 (6th M65-69),

Lauren Ching 1.00.58 293 (20th F20-24),

Les Le Bas 1.11.24 489 (4th M70-74),

Buzz Burrell 1.22.58 619 (49th M50-54).

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